What is an ice bong?


An ice bong softens the smoke and gives an extra cooling effect, a bong filled with ice is, of course, refreshing. We go over everything you need to know about using ice bongs in this article.

glass ice bong with ice pincesplastic bong with ice twist

What is an ice bong?

What makes an ice bong an ice bong is the ability to add ice. This is done by incorporating  ice notches, also known as ice catchers, these are often pinched glass formations in the bong's body that keep ice above the water chamber. They are the final filtration stop before the smoke flows into the mouthpiece and are usually found above all percolators in the bong. Ice bongs, or bongs with ice catchers, are essential for smokers who want to keep their smoke extra cool.

What are ice notches?

Ice notches also known as ice catchers or ice pinches, are a set of notches that are usually found in the neck of a bong designed to hold ice.

These notches can be made in a variety of ways, but the main goal is to provide a platform for ice while smoking without restricting airflow.

Why put ice in a bong?

As previously stated, putting ice in a bong causes the smoke to cool faster. 

Adding ice to your bong's filtration process takes it to the next level. Smoke will eventually hit the ice as it flows through the body of the bong, lowering the temperature of the smoke to a more comfortable level. The extra cooling power of a few ice cubes will have a noticeable effect on the smoke.

Because the smoke passes through the ice, it cools and filters even more. It produces a smoother, cleaner, and better-tasting hit.

Are ice bongs made from?

plastic bong with ice twist

Almost all materials can incorporate an ice catcher feature in the design, acrylic bongs, glass bongs and silicone bongs are all possible to produce with ice catchers.

A simple twist in the body of this acrylic bong allows ice cubes to be added.

The twist provide a platform for ice while smoking without restricting airflow. The bong can of course be used without ice. However adding ice to your bong will help you to enjoy filtered, cleaner and better-tasting hits.

Glass bongs are the most popular however, as well as being more sturdy acrylic bongs are usually less expensive than glass ones making them great for beginners and passing round at parties.

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