Why change the water in your bong and how often?


Why change the water in your bong and how often?

Bongs becomes filthy and smelly after use. Lets face it the water in the bong's reservoir, as well as the bowl, downpipe, and bong itself all get pretty grim. Is changing the bong water on a regular basis necessary? 

Everyone has their own ideas and opinions about how often to replace the water in your bong. It can be determined by how use your bong is seeing. 420.co.uk recommends replacing the water at least every day. If you only plan on using your bong once on a day, don't leave the water in the bong; instead, pour it away. If you use a bong frequently, change the water every several hours.

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Why you should be changing the water in your bong.

There are a number of reasons why you should change the water in your bong.

- Water that is clean and cold filters and cools more effectively.

if you add clean, cold water in your bong (or water pipe) The smoke will be more efficiently cooled by the water. The more enjoyable the bong hits come as the temperature drops. Clean water, logically, filters out and eliminates more debris from the smoke, unclean contaminated water can absorb less.

- Aroma and taste

Water that has been smelling in the bong for a long time isn't fresh; to put it another way, it stinks. Your smoking pleasure is ruined by that foul odor. There's a potential that some splashes will get into your mouth if your bong doesn't have a splashguard.You don't want the water to be contaminated.

It's also possible that your bong could topple over by mistake. The filthy water's odor will subsequently settle into your floor, sofa or bedding  and the smell may never leave.

The stench and smell of unclean water is overpowering and the wonderful fragrance and taste of the original herb is lost.

- Appearance

The bong's aesthetic appearance is also important. A filthy bong does not appeal to the eye. You should take pride in keeping your bongs appearance keeping it looking like new.

- Bacteria

Bacteria that form in water after it has been left standing for an extended period of time are often overlooked. These bacteria end up in your lungs as well. Something you absolutely don't want.  All of the filtering effort is lost if you inhale through water contaminated with microorganisms. Simply said, clean water is better for your health..

Clean water improves the quality of your hit

The quality of your hit will improve if you use clean and fresh water in your bong. The smoke is cleaner, so your hit is softer and more comfortable, the aroma and taste is better, and your bong smoking experience is improved. In a nutshell, change the water in your bong on a regular basis; it is a simple task. You should also clean your bong on a regular basis. Learn how to clean your bong here.

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