Atomic D>M>E Dimethyl Ether Gas 500ml - DHO
NEAR ZERO IMPURITIES D.M.E DHO OIL EXTRACTOR, GAS EXTRACTOR Atomic D>M>E Dimethyl Ether Gas is supplied in 500ml aerosol can and has near to zero impurities ensuring purer extracts than with Ethanol, produce more yield per extraction in a safer way than...
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Newport Extra Purified Butane Gas
When Zero impurities are required from your Butane only Newport will do... The unique cap comes with 8 adaptor to fit all lighters We can not ship this product outside the U.K.
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Dexso Dimethyl Ether D.M.E. 500ml
Use Dexso D.M.E. and produce purer extracts than with Ethanol, produce more yield per extraction in a safer way than with Butane, and produce everything faster and cheaper than with CO2. At this point the most unique product of Dexso...
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Clipper 300ml Pure Isobutane Gas
Clipper Pure is the cleanest gas in market. Thanks to its composition of 98% Isobutane, Clipper Pure Isobutane is the best gas you can buy for resin extracts. The high purity of this gas, refined up to 12 times, makes your extracts to hold less residue,...
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Chongz Steel T-Press Heavy Duty Pollen Press 5.3"
This neat, functional and beautiful pollen press from Chongz is a must-have for any extraction enthusiast. Manufactured from aircraft-grade stainless steel it is a heavy-duty piece that is built to last. Comes in a presentation box 5.3"/134mm Stainless steel
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Atomic BHO Silicone Container Keyring
Atomic Silicone Non-Stick Oil Storage Container KeyringThe Atomic Silicone Oil Concentrate Container is made from high grade silicone, they ensure non of your concentrates stick to the side thus being wasted.Designed to fit in a pocket or attached to a...
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Queen Bee Extractor
Queen Bee Extractor  The Queen Bee can hold three times as much plant material with the same amount of butane gas allowing you to extract more!  Dishwasher safe, no foul odours to deal with and there is no heat source needed....
£29.99 £24.99
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Honey Bee Extractor
Pocket sized. Safest method. Shortest time possible. Incredibly simple. No heat source needed. There are many ways to make plant oil. The Honey Bee Extractor is definitely one of the simplest devices to use for this process. It''s so easy...
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Atomic Butane Gas Refill 300ml
Premium Atomic Butane Gas Refill 300ml We can not ship this product outside the U.K  
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Chongz HQ Sifter Box
Chongz HQ Sifter Box With a micron screen and a collection chamber made of tempered glass, these high-quality sifter boxes will capture the most potent pieces of your herbs.Truly stunning made from select cuts of varnished pine. They are made up from 3 functioning parts...
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Rosin Press Bag 11x11cm Pack 10 Units by Qnubu
Rosin Press Bag 11cm x 11cm Pack 10 Units by Qnubu The Qnubu rosin press bags are specially designed nylon filter bags for producing herbal essential oils and rosin extractions.Designed for use with the Qnubu one-ton extraction press, these rosin press bags are...
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Manual 600 KG Extraction System Press by Qnubu
The Manual 600 KG Extraction System Press by Qnubu is ideal for elevating your herbal home extractions to professional standards while maximising returns from your herbs and flowers. Qnubu is a Spanish company coming out of the beautiful city of Barcelona. This new range of...
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5 Meter Roll Parchment Paper by High Squeeze
5 Meter Parchment paper by High Squeeze has been designed to help ease the extraction process by providing you with High Quality tools.   41cm Wide  5 Meters Long  100 GSM Rosin Release
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RAW Rolling Paper "Parchment Paper" 100mm x 4m by RAW
RAW 100mm x 4m unrefined parchment paper roll RAW now has a line of parchment paper of its own. RAW's dual coated Parchment paper is the perfect way to store and maintain your concentrate requirements with its very slick, easy to...
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RAW Parchment Paper - 500 Box - Unrefined 3' X 3' Silicone Coated Squares
RAW 500 box Unrefined Parchment Paper 8cm x 8 cm silicone squares   This unrefined, non-stick parchment paper is unbleached and free of quilon and other possible pollutants suitable for home baking or wrapping paper.Since the paper is non-stick, it...
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Atomic Stainless Steel Oil Extractor
The Atomic Stainless Steel Oil Extractor has been designed to make extractions as simple and easy as possible. Simply load the tube with your shredded material and proceed with the butane extraction.  Be careful and proceed with caution.  Built in filter...
£39.99 £29.99
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Atomic - BHO Oil Extractor - The Original Honey Bee Extractors
This Pocket sized incredibly simple device has been designed to extract valuable compounds from the plant in Shortest time possible.  No heat source needed. Using Butane extraction, (also referred to as Butane Hash Oil extraction/BHO Extraction), is a hydrocarbon extraction which...
£14.99 £9.99
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