G13 CBD Oil Lemon Flavour 10ml (500mg)
This pure natural product was made from controlled hemp grown in Europe and pesticides-free environment. Cannabidiol is an extremely popular natural remedy which can be used every day to improve physical and mental health. CBD is a perfect food supplement...
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Indian Metal Singing Bowls
These authentic Indian Singing Bowls are a perfect addition to any metallic bowl collection! Rest the singing bowl in the palm of your hand (hold smaller bowls in the fingertips). Hold the striker in the middle with all fingertips pointing downwards. Gently...
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On Balance Mini Silicone Bowl Scale (100g)
On Balance Mini Silicone Bowl Scale  On Balance Sbm-100 Mini Silicone Bowl Scale - 100gm - 0.01gm The SBM-100 comes with a deep silicone bowl that folds down and with the included lid acts as a lunchbox style carry case...
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PAX 2 Spares & Accessories
We stock a range of spares & accessories for the PAX 2 Vapouriser. 
from £5.30
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