Greengo Bucket (500g)
Greengo is a unique herbal smoking blend considered one of the best tobacco alternatives. With smoking bans on the rise and tobacco banned from the famous Coffee Shops of Amsterdam; Greengo could be the perfect non-tobacco answer. Made from natural...
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Greengo Pouch (30g)
Greengo Smoking Mix / Herbal 30g Greengo a perfect tobacco free herbal smoking blend. Developed and produced for a smoker who wants to smoke but doesn’t want to get polluted with nicotine. Greengo is made from natural ingredients including hazel...
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Greengo Unbleached Tips
Greengo Filter Tips Unbleached filter tips, made of 100% recycled paper. 50 books on a display. 100% unbleached paper Forget all other brands, Greengo filter tips are the best tips made from 100% recycled, genuinely unbleached, paper. These 140 gram...
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