Rizla 'Natura' Hemp Kingsize Slim Papers
From the legends that are Rizla comes the new 'Natura' Hemp Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers. These papers are ideal for people who enjoy a herbicide-free, hemp smoke. These rolling papers are the perfect way to keep tree friendly and is...
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Rizla Micron Kingsize Slim
Rizla Micron is Rizla’s thinnest ever smoking paper. It is pretty much see though and allows you to use less paper for a better tasting cigarette. Each of the 33 papers has the famous Rizla watermark and burns nice and even...
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Rizla Silver Kingsize Slim
Rizla Silver Kingsize Slim Smoking Papers are so ultra thin they are measured in microns, 20 to be precise giving you a super thin paper but just as strong as the rest of the Rizla range. To give you a comparison...
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